Sunday, October 02, 2005

On Monday, September 19th, I organized a Stanford Management Company fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity's Operation Home Delivery. The fundraiser was a lap-a-thon in which each employee at SMC pledged $$ for each lap swum in a 30-minute period.

With the help of the men’s water polo team at Stanford, we swam a collective 1,115 laps in just 30 minutes! That’s a lot of mileage…35 to be exact.

With an amount of generosity I have never witnessed before, we raised a total of $24,061.25 for Habitat. We have 65 employees here…that’s an average of over $370 per employee!

The people here at SMC were magnificent during the one-week fundraising process. People came up with creative challenges to raise even more money for Habitat, including a synchronized swimming performance, a business suit swim race, and a guy dressed in drag, wearing a snorkel and flippers, running around the pool.

It was a fantastic event in which every employee participated in some fashion, and we capped it off with New Orleans creole food, including jambalaya, red beans and rice and southern fried chicken. The catering company gave us a great deal on the food because since the event was for charity. We concluded with prizes for top SMC performers (all of which were donated by local businesses).

I am extremely proud of my colleagues here at SMC. Even though we are so far away from the devastation on the Gulf Coast, we know we can make a significant impact on people's lives there. In this instance, we raised enough money for Habitat to build an entire house for a family who lost everything in the hurricane.

As for me, I swam 12 laps during the event. That's 12 more than I've ever done! I made sure one of the lifeguards was close to my lane at all times...